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Your wedding day is THE most important day of your life.  Every last detail of your months of planning must come together at precisely the right time to make your dream wedding a reality.   Your entertainment choices must not only meet these expectations, but go the extra mile to raise the bar in making your event a special memory for you, your family, and your guests.  


Luckily, Sugar Shaker and WCA Entertainment bring twenty-plus years of experience of providing these magical experiences to clients - week in and week out!  What makes us different?  Let us show you.  


Sugar Shaker has the ability to scale the band size to the needs of the client, with keeping it's same core members always on stage. 


Always dreamed of having a horn section at your wedding? After Party can add up to three horn players to provide a full textured section for that classic Motown, New Orleans and Philadelphia sound.  

Can't decide between a band and a DJ?

Sugar Shaker can provide an in-house DJ to accompany the band.  When the band breaks, our DJ takes over.  The energy in the room is always at 100%.  

Need to scale down due to your venue size?

Sugar Shaker can also scale in the opposite direction, fitting on small stages in an intimate setting.   


Need CEREMONY MUSIC or a SECOND LINE BAND for your wedding?


 Why hire multiple vendors when Sugar Shaker and WCA Entertainment can provide your ENTIRE wedding experience?  From Classic 2nd lines through the streets of New Orleans with our Sugar Shaker HORNS, to string quartets and classical vocalists for special ceremony music, After Party and WCA can provide you a one-stop shop for your ceremony and reception needs.  

Other options include: Photo Booths, Wedding Coordination, venue uplighting, live event painters, ...even flash mob coordination!  If you can dream it up, we can help make it a reality

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